Saturday, 2 January 2010

My ikkle craft space

As you can see this is MY little space that darling hubby made for me a few weeks ago ,i think he was fed up of seeing bits of craft things all over the place.After a few days of scratching his head and going into the loft to see if there was enough head hight (there wasnt) .He came up with this little unused space.and all it cost was £29 for the end shelf in the desk the rest we had laying around in the garage.Altho it is small everything is at hand but he is going to put me some more (larger) shelves up to free up some space on the desk.


  1. How lovely.

    I thought I was lucky when we moved here cos I got to have a whole room but because there was no specific storage it has become a dumping ground for anything that should actually be put up in the loft...still...perhaps one day.

    Toni :o)

  2. looks great and it's "your" space :)
    val xx

  3. Wow, great to have a handy husband. I'd love to have some shelves put up but hubby is too worried that I'd load them up and they'd fall off our ridiculously thin walls (he's probably right too!).

  4. thanx emma hubby is a joiner so suppose that helps hun.he is very good i only have to ask and he does it,but there is a catch he can play on the ps3 if i'm crafting out of the way lol...

  5. Great crafting space, as you say small but every thing to hand. Still using the dining table for me!...sigh